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Best of Friends



Oct 23, 2015

Best of Friends Release New Single, “Twist Shake Shout”

We’re happy to welcome Best of Friends to the Vagrant roster! As their name suggests, Boston based alt-pop trio Best of Friends have been just that since their preteen years. The guys met playing local shows in the Boston suburbs and have been intertwined in one another’s lives ever since.

After years of releasing records and touring in separate bands, John, Morgan and Jamel found themselves on a hiatus from making music. That is until a close friend’s wedding inspired them to write and perform on the special day. “This originally started as a fun project,” Jamel reflects, “but everything happened so organically we decided to make it official.”

The excitement of writing and performing together motivated Best of Friends to continue, and the trio went on to self-release several singles online. Once taking inspiration from the Northeast punk scene, John, Morgan and Jamel now draw inspiration from their new home, sunny Los Angeles. Tracks filled with sing-along choruses and anthemic gang vocals are rooted in classic rock and it’s deep origins. “I’ve mainly been influenced by my father and his love for roots reggae music,” Morgan notes. “As a kid he would always be playing Motown or blues around the house. Watching my parents dance to those tunes made me want to recreate that happiness.”

‘Twist Shake Shout,’ the band’s first single on Vagrant Records, embodies feel good vibes and motivates the listener to do just as the title suggests. Narrative lyrics such as ‘we found sunshine, love and phonographs, all our stuff in trunks and paper bags, “ highlight the band’s love for California and extend into the sing-along chorus as Morgan tenderly amps up the listener with “Oh! Come on and shout it out. Sing a little bit louder now.” The single positively adds sunshine and energy to anyone’s daily soundtrack.

Best of FriendsTwist Shake Shout: iTunes | Spotify