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Maudlin Strangers is the solo project of Agoura Hills, CA native Jake Hays.  Recorded in Hays’ bedroom, the debut Overdose EP started as an “opportunity to play each instrument,” says Hays. “Live, I only get to play guitar and sing, so the recording process is my outlet to write and play different instruments.” What can only be described as dark-indie-rock, the 4-track EP combines somber lyricism masked by light, upbeat melodies. Hays not only writes all the music, but he designs all the band’s artwork as well.  “ The EP is just an expression of all the thoughts in my weird, creepy mind,” Hays laughs. The result is an ambient yet catchy body of work with hints of MuteMath and even Pink Floyd strewn throughout.
Overdose EP will be available nationwide on January 20, 2015 via Vagrant Records.


  • Jake Hays Vocals/Multi-Instrumental
  • Jeff Lehrer Keyboards/Guitar - Live Member
  • Kenny Benson Bass - Live Member
  • Richie McPherson Drums - Live Member

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Maudlin Strangers

Overdose EP Jan 20, 2015