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“CK unscrews the top of his brain and lets his id
come out to play.”

“Louis CK is the height of comedy as virtue. When you get past the shit jokes and the middle-aged self-degradation and listen closely to his message, it’s about love and our duty to others. Somehow, miraculously, it’s also funny as hell.” - Esquire

(September 15, 2014) – Today, Grammy Award winner Louis CK announces the release of the audio version of his HBO special, Oh My God, which originally aired in April of 2013. The special will be released on CD and double-disc vinyl (his first ever vinyl release) at stores nationwide and via online retailers on September 23, 2014 via Vagrant Records. Oh My God was recorded at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ and this physical release will contain over 12 minutes of extended content featured throughout the program. A complete track list can be found below.

Oh My God has received rave reviews with The New York Times hailing it “…a crackerjack show, a polished, manifestly professional performance…” and NY Daily News calling it a “fiercely funny one hour special.” Fans can also download the video version of Oh My God on or watch the special on HBO GO. Louis CK’s 2012 album, Hilarious, won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

Oh My God Track List
1. Intro
2. The Old Lady And The Dog
3. My Daughter Likes Fish
4. The Food Chain
5. Courtyard Confrontation
6. Getting What ‘Old’ Is
7. Putting On Socks
8. If You’re Older You’re Smarter
9. Getting Older Makes My Life Better
10. Everybody Had Their Time
11. Dating Takes Courage
12. First Date
13. Tits
14. Divorce
15. Videoing Your Kids
16. Life Is A Good Deal
17. Behind The Wheel
18. If Murder Was Legal
19. Of Course, But Maybe
20. Outro


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