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Singer/songwriter Colyn Cameron of Wake Owl has been immersed in the world of music for the past ten years. Now based in Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR, Colyn was originally born and raised in southern California.

After graduation Colyn trained in organic agriculture at Emerson College in England, worked on different farms throughout the UK, Germany, Chile and Canada and traveled the world. Upon returning from his travels, Colyn spent some time playing in bands before deciding to record the songs he had written after his journey, and thus began his Jirst completed body of work, the Wild Country EP. Released in January of 2013, Wild Country was a Jive-song EP that served as a prelude to Wake Owl’s debut full-length, The Private World of Paradise.

The Private World of Paradise was recorded at National Freedom studios in Oregon with producer Richard Swift (The Shins, Foxygen). For the Jirst time, we see Colyn writing and recording with a band. “Being 2 years since I Jirst released the EP, this music represents a lot for me. It is a signiJicant step forward in terms of songwriting and how Aiden (Briscall, multi-instrumentalist) and I approached the songs musically,” Colyn comments. “Once collaborating with Richard it all really began to take shape and I think all three of us were pleasantly surprised with the process. We all bonded sonically so much that recording the record was really an amazing experience.”

From start to Jinish The Private World of Paradise is effortlessly cohesive, telling stories of love, loss, and dreams. “ The title was a phrase that came to me one day and just stuck with me,” notes Colyn, “I wrote it down a lot and the more I thought about it the more I realized a lot of the songs on the album were me in some sort of paradisiacal imaginative state. In that moment of writing the songs I felt very isolated. It’s a very private world that is hard to share with people. It’s humorous to me because any kind of actual paradise is anything but private or limited to one person’s experience. I like that sort of juxtaposition and duality in the meaning. “

Songs like “Candy” perfectly demonstrate Wake Owl experimenting with different instrumentation, creating an upbeat atmospheric vibe found throughout the album. “There’s a lot more room in this batch of songs to explore live. This was a goal of ours from the outset of writing, trying to create space, so that live we could take people on more of a journey. The music is very visual for us, so there will be a strong visual element in the live set.”

The Private World of Paradise showcases Wake Owl’s departure from straightforward-acoustic-guitar-driven songs, highlighting the band’s poise and retro-rock mannerisms. The result is an eleven-track debut album that harvests playful experimentation and raw emotion in perfect harmony. The album will be made available nationwide on March 4, 2014.


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