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On July 17, Eleven: A Music Company (under license to Vagrant Records in North America) will release Missy Higgins’ The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle, the breakout Australian songwriter’s first album in five years and her debut for the label. U.S. tour dates will be announced soon and the album will be available for digital pre-order on May 29. Recorded in Nashville, and produced by Brad Jones (Jill Sobule, Matthew Sweet) and Butterfly Boucher (David Bowie, Sarah McLachlan), the album’s twelve new songs represent the boldest, most experimental – yet irresistible – music of her career.

And they almost never happened.

In 2007, after generating over one million global album sales and a U.S. gold single, performing on top shows like Conan, Kimmel and Leno, logging over twenty TV syncs, and selling out venues like NYC’s Terminal 5 and LA’s Orpheum, Missy quietly backed away from music. “I guess I had a bit of an existential crisis,” she says. “I thought, how do I become happy? If this doesn’t give me fulfillment, what will?”

She found the answer in University and volunteer work. And eventually, she found it again in music. “Everything I have experienced over the last few years – the ups, the downs, the uncertainty, the questioning and all the lessons learned – have made it on to this album,” says Higgins.

Watch behind the scenes studio footage and preview other new songs HERE.

The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle Tracklist:
1. Set Me on Fire
2. Hello Hello
3. Unashamed Desire
4. Everyone’s Waiting
5. All in My Head
6. Temporary Live
7. Watering Hole
8. If I’m Honest
9. Cooling of the Embers
10. Hidden Ones
11. Tricks
12. Sweet Arms of a Tune


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