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(March 12, 2015)- Pat Grossi, aka Active Child, is excited to share plans to release his sophomore full-length entitled, Mercy. Serving as a follow up to 2011’s critically acclaimed LP, You Are All I See, and 2013’s Rapor EP, Mercy showcases Grossi’s raw, honest, and incredible vocals like never before. “On Mercy I wanted to feel new again in my own music. It’s been four years since my last full-length album and I wanted these songs to reflect my growth as an artist over that time. And I wanted my voice to be heard, and not just felt,” says Grossi.

Produced and recorded in Brooklyn with Van Rivers (Blonde Redhead, Fever Ray) the ten-track LP is a collection of love songs, each shining a different light on the subject. “This album more than previous releases feels like more of a collaboration between the producer and I. His fingerprints are all over these songs and he really pushed me vocally, more than anyone has before.” Written almost exclusively on the harp and piano, Mercy opens with “1999,” a juxtaposition of playful harmonies and sullen narrations of past love. Today, fans can hear “1999” for the first time streaming on The FADER. Listen here:

As “1999” closes, Mercy effortlessly descends from one track to the next with upbeat songs like “Never Far Away” that tell of deep, secure love while those like “Darling” tell a more somber tale of lost love while Grossi plucks innocently on the harp in the background. Mercy closes with “Too Late,” a song of reflection and regret featuring Grossi on the piano and his layered, flawless-yet-ghostly harmonies on the forefront. The album wraps with the words, “maybe it’s too late for us, now I know, now I know,” leaving the listener with some finality to the whirlwind of heartfelt emotions experienced throughout.

Mercy will be released nationwide in June via Vagrant Records.

Mercy Track List
These Arms
Never Far Away
Midnight Swim
Too Late


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