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WARSHIP announces a November 4, 2008 release date for their debut disc, Supply and Depend (Vagrant). The New York-based duo of Francis Mark (vocals, drums) and Rob Lauritsen (guitar, bass) wrote the 10 tracks featured on Supply and Depend earlier this year and recorded with producer Andrew Schneider (Pelican, Made Out Of Babies) over the summer.

“Even though Rob and I were in a band together for the past 3 years this is the first time we got to write together and it was explosive,” says Mark. “Things came together so quickly. It was like Rob had a vault of riffs he was waiting to open. I don’t know what the future holds for us but I sure am enjoying myself right now and I am grateful to be able to share these songs with people. “

“Toil,” the lead track from Supply and Depend, is now streaming on and the album cover art by artist Brad Bacon has been posted there, as well.

Warship is unveiling their music live in front of fans on the current farewell tour of labelmates Reggie & The Full Effect (see all dates below). The current live lineup for Warship also features Darren Simoes of The Bled on bass.


  • Francis Mark vocals, drums
  • Rob Lauritsen guitar, bass

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