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“The band started out being a metallic hardcore band, but then started developing from there,” explains guitarist Kazuki. “We kept adding new sounds to it; bringing in elements of dance music, electronica, synths, and a lot of poppy, catchy tracks, and having all that come together. We’re trying to do something a little bit different than your typical band.”

In 2006 FACT released their first full-length in Japan, Never Turn Out The Light To Keep Myself, on the punk label Bullion. FACT has lent their music to several compilations that were released worldwide, including Immortal Records’ A Santa Cause compilation and the AC/DC tribute album Thunder Tracks.

FACT will be touring the states beginning in Plano, Texas on March 14 (see dates below) with Iwrestledabearonce, Greeley Estates, and Memphis May Fair, but don’t expect to recognize them. In photos, the band always appears masked.

“One aspect of the masks is to try to have people listen to the music rather than looking at us and seeing we’re just another Japanese band,” Kazuki explains. “Another aspect is it’s a traditional Japanese mask, so people will know we’re a Japanese band, but still won’t know what we’re all about, so they have to listen to the music to find out what it is. It’s a way to accept we’re Japanese, but also that we’re here for the music, not looks, or things like that.”

FACT is: Takahiro (guitars, vocals), Tomohiro (bass, vocals), Eiji (drums, vocals), Hiro (lead vocals), and Kazuki (guitar, vocals)

FACT track listing:
01. Paradox
02. Los Angeles
03. A Fact of Life
04. Chain
05. Reborn
06. Purple Eyes
07. Lights of Vein
08. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [original by Ryuichi Sakamoto]
09. CO3
10. Snow
11. Stretch My Arms
12. 45 Days
13. Why…
14. 1-2
15. Rise
16. A Fact of Life (Boom Boom Satellites remix)


  • Eiji Drums, Vocals
  • Hiro Vocals
  • Kazuki Guitar, Vocals
  • Takahiro Guitar, Vocals
  • Tomohiro Bass, Vocals

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