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The five-piece from Lawrence, Kansas formed in the late ‘90’s and refined their signature sound – boy-girl vocals, moog and synth pop laden with classic guitar riffs –through heavy touring. The band signed with Heroes and Villains (the Get Up Kids imprint on Vagrant) in 1999 and released their debut, Designing a Nervous Breakdown, in 2000. Their sophomore effort, Your Majesty, was released in 2002 and would be the band’s last. June 24th, 2008 marks the release of, “Devil On Our Side,” a two disc collection of B-sides and rarities that the band is proud to release.


  • Adrianne Verhoeven Keys & Vocals
  • Chris Jankowski Drums
  • James David Bass
  • Josh Berwanger Guitar & Vocals
  • Justin Roelofs Vocals & Guitar

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The Anniversary

Devil On Our Sides: Rarities and B-Sides Jun 24, 2008 Buy